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Featured Exercises:

Event Management Simulation

Launching in 2023

This year Blulearn is pleased to announce the launching of the first ever interactive Events Management simulation. With over two years of development incorporating the input of industry professionals, commercial event centres and event management instructors, we are looking forward to providing academic institutions and the industry with this valuable tool to integrate within your programs and enhance the overall learning experience. Immerse the students in a “real world” environment where business decisions made prior to the Event days, and actions during the Event will directly impact its success or potential failure.

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Menu Engineering Blulearn

You are the F&B manager in your company's restaurant with responsibility for maximising Gross Profit and Contribution from the restaurant's menu for the summer season. You must select the most appropriate menu mix at the start of the season, then use price, menu position and your promotions budget to encourage sales and maximise profitability over the 13-week period.

You can watch a short introduction to the principles of menu engineering covered in the simulation here

Revenue Management Blulearn

You're in charge of sales and marketing decisions at a 500-room hotel. You have access to the following controls: room price, direct advertising budget, social media budget, and up to five distribution channels. You can open or close each of the channels and manage their commission rates and you have the option to make deals with the OTA channels to boost your hotel's page rankings in their site search returns. But for a cost, of course!

You have 31 days to earn as much money for your hotel as you can.

For an overview of the revenue management simulation, watch this short video


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